Half Wave Dipole Antenna

A dipole antenna is a simple antenna that can be built out of electrical wire. The most common dipole antenna is a half wave dipole which is constructed from a piece of wire half wavelength long. The wire is split in the center to connect the feeding wires. The E-field of the antenna has a circular pattern along a plane which cuts the axis of the antenna perpendicularly and is similar to a figure of 8 in a plane along the axis of the antenna [3D pattern]. The exact E-field can be calculated as:

Expression for E-field of a Dipole Antenna
Expression for E-field of a Dipole Antenna
E-field Pattern of a Dipole Antenna
E-field Pattern of a Dipole Antenna

The MATLAB code for generating the above pattern is given below.


polar(theta, abs(E))

Note that the above is true within an area at a sufficient distance from the antenna known as the far-field of the antenna. Closer to the antenna i.e. in the near-field the E-field expression is a bit more complex.

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  1. Hello, the journal was really easy to understand. Thank you for this work that you do. Though can I ask you how to get the impedance plot (graph) versus the frequency used for a half-wave dipole antenna in MATLAB?
    I would really appreciate it if you can spare the time to help me with this.

    Again thank you for the entry.

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