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  1. I want to implement the SBR(shooting and bouncing ray ) algorithm in outdoor environment. Are there any suitable materials ,books or code?

  2. Hi dear John!
    You have not shared a MATLAB code for the DOA and DOD estimation of a channel per user in a MU-MIMO system? Can you upload it in near future as I am stuck in it? Regards,

  3. Hello, I want to simulate probability of error for the BPSK signal in the presence of frequency offset and then compare it with theory.
    Can you please help me model the simulation with frequency offset?

    1. Please comment on the relevant post so I can help you with this. One point I would like to make is that most of my simulations are in baseband whereas for frequency offset simulation you would have to work in the passband.

      1. Thank you for your reply. Yes, the frequency offset is there because of the oscillator mismatch, i.e., at passband, so please help me with simulation and theory results in the presence of synchronization error.

        Actually I have to do this for MSK signals. But If you first provide for the BPSK signal is also ok for me. I will follow the same procedure for MSK.

        Thank you in Advance.

  4. Please share Python program for Hamming code, AWGN performance, BER and Er.
    How to create encoder to detect channel at decoder using Python.

  5. Hi, I am trying to write a PYTHON code BER for BPSK modulation in 3 tap ISI
    channel and Zero Forcing equalization with 3/5/7/9 tap with its BER but couldnt figure it out correctly.Kindly help me.

  6. I am trying to measure the k Rician factor with the moment’s estimator and after creating the fading envelope for EVA, which has 9 taps, I have a matrix of 9xNsamples.

    Do I have to estimate the k factor for each path or there is a way to estimate the factor in the whole channel?

    Thank you in advance!

  7. Many thanks for the effort and time expended to assist solar Power installers with your software that assist us calculate panels, batteries and other accessories needed to install solar power system in a house, office and so on.

    I wish to suggest that you redevelop the software again if that is possible and add the following please. Size of inverter required, days of autonomy in case of genset failure or days of continuing rains. Again, we installers especially those in Africa shall appreciate in your organisation can provide another software for health facilities equipment n addition to those items for house hold already provided. This would assist installers properly size solar power system for hospitals, clinics, etc.
    Once again thank you for your support and interest to assist us promote solar power system in Africa especially in Ghana.

  8. I am currently working on my master’s thesis and I can not make programming a channel variation in time and wanted to see if you can help me find the programming for that channel will be helpful for me.

  9. Hello Sir can I get the source code for the path loss calculator so that I can learn how it has been coded. Its a very nice application.

  10. hi, ı want to make oqpsk however , ı could not make it exactly. Especially, demodulation part was not done. could you help for this subject? how can ı do this

  11. Hello, have you done any work on basestation location optimisation in wireless network for maximum coverage(in matlab)? if u have any codes or any idea about this, it will be much appreciated. thanks(feel free to email me)

  12. hi,the link you sent not help me very well ,I want to send my program to your email if you could help me to give good results but i do not know yours email so send to me ,please to up my program please help me ,rana

  13. Thanx, u guys are the best. How do I get a simulink model of OFDM, PLS kindly send it to my mail.

  14. I have MIMO code and OFDM code but its not all integrated. You can have a look around the site to see whats of use to you!

  15. Do you have a executable matlab codes for MIMO – LTE ? If yes can you send to me? I need it desperately….

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