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Energy Produced by 1kWatt Solar Panel

I have been asked several times what is the energy produced by a 1 kW panel in a day or how many units of energy are produced over 24 hours. Let me first state that the product of power and time gives you the energy produced. So for a 24-hour period, we have 24 kWhr of energy produced, if the solar panel was producing peak power throughout the day. But we know that that is not the case. So for the time component of the above equation, we can use 5 hours, also called peak sun hours. This gives a total of 5 kWhr (1kW x 5 hours) of energy produced over a 24-hour period i.e. 5 units of energy are produced. In a month you can possibly produce 150 units. If the per unit rate is Rs.10, you can produce Rs.1500 worth of electricity with a 1 kW panel in a month.    

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